Friday, January 27, 2006

Mia Sara’s Birth Story

The doctor had estimated my little one to be in this world on May 18, 2005.All I hope that she would come beautiful and totally healthy. On Friday morning May 13, 2005 my best friend Fatin was admitted to the hospital after doctor found out that she is having a contraction every 5 minutes apart. But according to her, she did not felt any pain at all.
We kept on “SMSing” all day.Fatin is my coursemate in unitele Melaka and my roommate in MMU Cyberjaya.We do all thing together. We I have a problem, she will always there for me. People called us twins. Maybe because of our nose.Penyek sikit but cute hahahaha…

That night I always think about Fatin. How well she was doing? Dah bukak ke? Dah sakit ker? Dah selamat bersalin ke? Suddenly I received a sms from her telling that she is doing fine tapi tak bukak-bukak lagi.”Tunggu ko kot ija”, she said. Hahahaha..I just laughed.

Before going to bed, I read about breathing techniques. I wish I could have a drug-free birth for my baby and me. No epidural. While reading, I felt the 1st surge around 10.00pm. The surges simply felt like mild, achy menstrual cramps low in my abdomen. I was unsure if this was the “real” thing so my hubby decided to start timing the surges. It was 10 minutes apart.
My hubby asked me whether we should go to the hospital already but I decided I would rather rest and see what happens than spend the night in the hospital. I went to sleep.

The next morning, the surges were gone but I decided to go to the hospital for check up. My mother made a delish milo with eggs for energy. EEE..YAKKK…

We arrived Sunway Medical Centre around 10.30am. Dr Noor Aini was busy with her patients because it was Saturday. Most of the patients choose Saturday for their monthly check up. I waited about 30 minutes. The doctor checked me. With a big smile she told me that I was about 3cm dilated. Ok..boleh masuk labor room. I was so excited. I always believed in the power of my mind but I have to admit, I was a little nervous about the actual labor. The nurse gives a medicine to empty my bowel. Doctor Noor Aini released my water bag. The fluid was clean and clear. Not to worry.

By 12.00pm, the thing started to happen very fast and so hard. I tried to relaxed and calm. Not forget to do the breathing techniques. My hubby was there. Walking around the room and suddenly the building was shaking. I asked my hubby what had happen. He switched on the tv and we watched a news about an earth quake occurred at Sumatera. Fuhh..sampai gempa bumi tu nak deliverkan Mia Sara…hehehehe

The nurse immediately checked my condition and my cervix was dilated almost 7cm. Wow..very fast she said. You cannot take epidural anymore. I said never mind. I tried my best to deliver my princess. My husband such a wonderful labor partner – give me support and encouragement, always reminding me to relax. There was no loud coaching, no yelling at him. I spent the duration of my labor laying on my left side.

Around 1.30 pm, the surges began to feel somewhat different, really painful, and stronger than before. I think I was so closed to birthing. The nurses started preparing for my delivery after my cervix dilated to 9cm. I saw Dr Noor Aini now changed to Tukang Kebun. Hahaha..with her big black boots.

In the midst of all the hubbub, I lost my focus and wasn't able to fully relax anymore. I actively pushed my baby for about 15 minutes and suddenly my baby heart beat going down. As a result, with the help of vacuum, I brought my baby to the world. There was nothing but joy when our little baby came.Alhamdulillah. Mia Sara was born on May 14,2005 at 2.16pm, weight 3.28kg.

My dear friend Fatin also safely deliver her prince on the same day, at 7.30pm with a c-sec.
Her son's name is Muhammad Afif. Nanti boleh kita celebrate birthday anak sama-sama . Yehaaaa!!

5 minutes after birth

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Mia Sara :: My Princess ::

Mia Sara
Waktu pagi
Kau sinari, hidup ini
Bangun babah, bangun mama
Ko sebut di telinga kami

Suatu hari, kau kan pergi
Tinggal kami, bersendiri
Walau apa kan terjadi
Kau tetap akan kami cintai

Oh Mia sara
Kami kan bersamamu
Di buai mimpi nan indah
Dan doa babah mama mu

Tidurlah Mia Sara
Tidurlah Mia Sara

Mia Sara
Yang pertama
Anugerah terutama
Senyumanmu belai jiwa
Mengubat hati yg lara

Tuhan lindungi permata
Selamatkan sentiasa
Dari duka di dunia
Akan kita hadapi bersama

Dihatiku selalu

Oh Mia Sara..
Kasihani mamamu
Kerana dia menunggu
Untuk bersama papamu

Tidurlah Mia Sara
Tidurlah Mia Sara

Tidurlah Mia Sara
Tidurlah Mia Sara
Tidurlah Mia Sara
Oh tidurlah...Zzzzzzzzz

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Mama Mia's first entry

I really enjoyed reading other people’s blog and reading blog is the first thing I do after I log on to my pc :)

Today I decided to have my own blog. Place where I can express all my feelings and thoughts. Every blog need a first entry. Here, in my 1st entry, I want to tell u a "story", which happened on last Friday. Why my yahoo ID, eeja54 changed to applepie0504.

I received a yahoo message from jumie98 inviting me to view her family photo at www.?????.com (forgot the link). Jumie is my course mate at MMU.Not much thinking and feeling excited to see her kids’ pictures, I just clicked the link and the link brought me to the yahoo photo share login page. Type in my Id and password and I clicked the Login button. But nothing happens. Heh..apa ni..takde apa-apa pun. So, I just ignored.

That night, my hubby is still in the office suddenly got a yahoo message from me. What he was think that time is “apa syg ni..soh tgk gambar kat sini plak ni, pastu bukan online pun”. He is the security specialist I could say. :P Jeng..jeng..jeng.. He got something in his mind. Pick up the phone and immediately asked my password for yahoo email.

Hubby : Hello syg. Apa password yahoo email?
Me : Hah !! Nape. Nak buat apa?
Hubby : Hish..nak try masuk..boleh ke tak.
Me : *********
Hubby : Haaaaa…kan dah tak boleh masuk.
Me : Laaa..kenapa pulak?
Hubby : Ada tak kengkawan kasi link suruh tgk gambar?Pastu syg masukkan yahoo Id and password.
Me : Ada.
Hubby : Aaaa..terkena jugak syg abg ni. Dia duplicate la login page tu. Then dia dah capture dah password yahoo email. Habis dah..semua dah leh masuk dah. Messenger pun tak leh login dah.
Me : Whatttt!!!!!Ohh..goshh... Tu Id dari unitele tu. Isk..isk..isk..
Hubby : Itu la..lain kali…bla bla bla bla bla……….

Uhuk..uhuk..uhuk not exist anymore. Damn….